Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Inaugural Post-- Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. Some folks suggested I create a venue for the display of some of my artwork, and since thats what a lot of artists seem to do I decided to give it a shot. My name is Jason and I do Jason stuff. I specialize in super-accurate hockey masks, especially part 3 and 4 replicas, which are probably the hardest to nail down with a very high degree of faithfulness to the screen used hocks. I've got em down to a science now, so its time to start showing them off.

In addition to hocks, I have done one display bust so far, a latex part 3 display I call "That Horrible Face" after a quote at the end of that Chris Higgins "quiet can be deceiving" monologue.

I am known on Friday the 13th and horror forums around the web as screen name Jasonlivessince1980.

As always, if you are interested in buying anything, just send me an email or pm me at Frightstuff, Nightowl or theHMA.



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