Sunday, May 30, 2010

On Location: Part 2 (New Preston & Kent, CT)

Went out to see the part 2 filming location first hand yesterday, and what a beautiful area! Gorgeous homes, hilly terrain, and lots of money in that area-- one house even had its own waterfall right in the center of town. A bit of a rich New Yorker's paradise. I stopped at New Preston first and took a photo from where the phone booth stood in 1980, note that most of the same buildings are still standing, one in the back there even the same color thirty years later:

New Preston only has one major road, which is flanked by antique stores. This is the road Max drove his tow truck ("ASSHOLE THIS IS MY TRUCK"), and he turned left at the town hall seen at the top of the hill.

After New Preston I stumbled onto the road they drive up in Jeff's pickup in the following scene, which is at the intersection of 341 and 45 in Warren, CT.

Thanks to information from I found the incredibly remote and isolated lake where the bulk of part 2 was filmed, its called North Spectacle Pond and its a private pond in Kent only accessible by a maze of dirt roads that wind through all these woods. There is a boy's camp there (Kenmont), but it was not the camp they filmed at, I didn't have good enough info to find the real site, but I'm guessing it was down one of the many roads marked "no tresspassing." I did manage to get one shot of the pond:

I think the camp they filmed at was off the left edge of the photo. Next time... I will find it...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bloody Part 3 DEH

This was fun to do, I got this blank from Josh at Dead End Hollow a few months ago and finally finished painting it. Its a great sculpt with excellent facial detailing, and now I can use it to scare family members.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Part 2 secret filming location?

I brought this up a while ago on Nightowl and wanted to revisit it here since the topic scooted off the first page pretty quick.

So a friend of my mom's used to have a drywall business and he worked on this old farmhouse in Warren, CT. The owner mentioned that one of the final scenes of Friday the 13th part 2 had been filmed in his storage room in the basement (the shrine to Pam scene that took place in Jason's little shack) when my mom's friend saw it it still looked exactly the same, there is a shelf on the back wall used for storing pickled things that you can see behind Pam's head in the film. There were even those weird tin doors on the room that you see in the film.

So this was a few years ago and we went there last October and the old farmhouse is now a restaurant (very reasonably priced) and the barn where the filming took place has since been remodeled into the living quarters of the owners. The staff at the restaurant had heard the same thing about F13 part 2 but didn't know anything further. We didn't go up to the house/barn, but I took a photo:

They even have their own breezeway leading to the restaurant. Very nice property and lovely place to eat, I think it was called the Rooster's Tail Inn or something like that. Hit it up if you are ever in Connecticut.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The New Blood

UPDATED PHOTOS: I added a few of the completed mask on my SSN New Blood on 5/24... its almost like seeing the original...

Here's an updated version with a widened left eye:

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ted White and THE DUKE

Here is a photo I found of Ted White (for the uninitiated, the stuntman who portrayed Jason in Part 4) and the man he doubled for, John Frickin-Wayne, aka The Duke, taken in 1959. As you can see The Duke is a HUGE man. Ted White, who in his prime stood around 6'4" looks like a kid next to him.  Ted White has appeared at conventions to sign autographs for fans, despite being 84 years old (57 when he portrayed Jason in late 1983). That makes him pretty awesome.