Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Dream hock--- part 5.


With this I was trying to create a near-perfect copy of the only mask used in 3 films, parts 3, 4 and 5, now owned by Stuntman Dick Warlock. I sent the top photo to Mr. Warlock, who thought it was pretty cool. I thought it was pretty cool that he actually replied! I'm very happy with how this came out, I obsessively put in every mark and scratch I could find from the original, even painstakingly recreating all the scratching in the upper-left part almost exactly as it was. God, what I would do to see the original in person...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"I'll Never Forget That Horrible Face!"

2017 edit: love these blank photos more than the finished product

This latex piece went into production in October. I call him 'That Horrible Face' after a quote from Chris Higgins oft-ridiculed monologue from part 3. I wanted to make Jason look really menacing like he did up in the window at the end. I'm working on a bloody version right now and have this available as a hood as well.

Personally, I prefer Doug White's makeup job (on which this is based) than the much more detailed part 4, which I think just went over the top on making Jason as ugly as possible and giving him mysterious burns on the entire left side of his head. Great design nonetheless, but I prefer the part 3 as a more authentically mongoloid look. White's Jason, based on a combination of Savini's original design and the part 2 makeup, appears to be a sufferer of Neurofibromatosis, Alopecia and a variety of other birth defects. He's not a zombie yet, just really friggin hard to kill.

Since I have alot of space here I'll say this: I think the Stan Winston makeup looks like a vamipire from Buffy or Blade or some other contemporary vampire movie. Its a great design, but I'm glad the producers went with a more authentically "Jasonesque" design.

On a side note, whenever I look at this thing I still have to make the Jason grunt noise he does a few times in part 3. I must have made monster noises a few hundred times while I was sculpting this thing, it kinda brings it to life for me.

Scabboy on Nightowl mentioned he thought this was one of the top 4 part 3 busts ever produced, which is a very high honor, I think the other best ones in terms of screen accuracy are the MMFX, ITZ-U, and the recent Lewis Frye bust. All phenomenal pieces.

Thanks for looking! And leave a comment or I will be butthurt. I'm a compliment whore.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Hero II

This was my second part 3 mask and it has gotten rave reviews all across the community. A lot of people don't realize how badly crackled the paint on the original part 3 mask was because the smaller details can't be seen on film. It does however appear in photos that were taken on set, including in the best photos of that mask in existence-- the cover to the Final Chapter VHS tape, which shows extensive paint cracking. Anyway, here are a few photos of my version.

The blank is a clear PETG frightstuff. The hock is also bent to look like the one in the film so that I can put it on my display without having the straps squeeze the shit out of it.

This mask takes me about a week to do because the crackle alone is a mind-numbing 3 days work! The rest of it is fairly easy. A lot of guys on the forums have said this is the most accurate part 3 they had ever seen. I concur. And I'm not afraid to say, this is THE most screen accurate part 3 mask since the original one from 1982.

Inaugural Post-- Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. Some folks suggested I create a venue for the display of some of my artwork, and since thats what a lot of artists seem to do I decided to give it a shot. My name is Jason and I do Jason stuff. I specialize in super-accurate hockey masks, especially part 3 and 4 replicas, which are probably the hardest to nail down with a very high degree of faithfulness to the screen used hocks. I've got em down to a science now, so its time to start showing them off.

In addition to hocks, I have done one display bust so far, a latex part 3 display I call "That Horrible Face" after a quote at the end of that Chris Higgins "quiet can be deceiving" monologue.

I am known on Friday the 13th and horror forums around the web as screen name Jasonlivessince1980.

As always, if you are interested in buying anything, just send me an email or pm me at Frightstuff, Nightowl or theHMA.