Sunday, January 13, 2019

Mrs. Voorhees Heads are Underway

Hello! Finally have time to sit down with these things. I have the first five mounted, and painting has commenced. I'm using my original urethane prototype (left) as the paint master so I get everything perfectly consistent.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My First Myers Commission: NAG Rare

This was a really cool Kirk blank to work on: The "Rare" (one of the many derivatives of the Kirkus '75 Kirk) by Nikolas Art Gallery in Greece. Just finished him today, so he's off to be haired by another artist.

I'm taking Myers commissions and currently have a super quick turn-around time: I only had this one for 11 days. I don't hair yet but I can find someone who does if you don't have a hair guy. Thanks for looking!

This came to me as a blank with the eyes already (badly) cut out. The owner had made an attempt at repairs with latex, which I then built on and dremeled into shape. Even up close you can't tell where the fixes were done. I'm glad I know this is possible now, because I can offer eye cut fixes as part of a paint up/conversion.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

New Blood "Master" No. 3

This is a really rare piece. It's a direct casting from the original master bust that produced the "New Blood" by Silver Shampain Novelties back in 2009. Jon Lawrence only did a few copies for friends, so I feel very lucky to have such a rare piece. Painted by me, of course!

SSN produced this mask from the original movie mold back in 2009 during a partnership with John Carl Buechler, director and FX chief on Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood.

Buechler supplied a casting of the original facial appliances, which were applied to a life cast of Kane Hodder, then cast again with a cranium and neck that were sculpted by Brad Hardin, if I'm not mistaken. Only a few were made, and SSN has long since closed its doors.

The major difference between this pull straight off the master and the original SSN New Blood productions is one of size: The original run were expanded so they could be worn by even the largest of heads. This produced some distortion, as you can see here (SSN New Blood on the left):

Here's the crisply-detailed master, which Jon still owns.

And the master (center) with the first two pulls.

Yessir, there's nothing quite like a movie mold piece.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Some Rare Collection Shots

Some of these pieces are works in progress, but here's my collection as it stands now. The only thing not pictured is my T-800 arm. As you can see, I focus on Jason stuff, and I try to get the best representation of each design, movie mold if possible. So much done, but so much left to acquire.

The items are as follows:

Bloody Ending II blank (2017)
Pam 3D Prototype (2017)
SSN New Blood (2009)
FFS Part 7 (2017)
DIY Kirk-H1 Conversion (2017)
Bronzed Production-Made Promo Mask, Friday the 13th Part 7 (1988)
Hideous Looking Man (2010)
Hangman II (2010)
His Unlucky Day (2010)
ToTS H40 Rehaul (2018)
HSS Coffin Dummy (2011)
Aladdin Sane: Part 6 Jason (2011)
Screen-Used Camp Crystal Lake Sign, Friday the 13th Part 2 (1980)
Jason X Movie Mold Face (2002)
SSN New Blood Master Copy Raw Casting (2018, very limited)
Hockey Masks (All paint by me): Remake on a JDF, VS on a NECA, Part 8 on a BDS, Part 6 on a FGM, FGM Plante. On the HLM is a refurbed Crash part 3, which is going to get screen-accurate varnish shortly.
In the back is a souvenir photo from my tour of Camp NoBeBoSco in a frame made from the old window frames of Van Deusen lodge, where much of the original film takes place (including Mrs. Voorhees' famous monologue).

Everything except the HLM, the HUD, the Aladdin Sane, the Hangman and the Crash part 3 mask are movie mold or from production.

Everything was (or will be) painted by me except the New Blood, the Coffin Dummy and the HUD.

BOOM. Thanks for looking.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

"Voorhees" Trailer Promises Return to Brutal Realism

See this yet? If not why aren't you watching it now instead of reading this bullshit? See it now? GOOD. Are you FUCKING EXCITED LIKE I AM EXCITED???

Haha. Seriously, this project is impressive. After more than two decades of squabbling between Hollywood studios and screenwriters over a seemingly endless variety of scripts (Jason in space? Really?) fans are getting bored with delays and excuses year after year as the Friday the 13th franchise drops to an extremely low priority for major studios.

So, perhaps rightfully so, the real ideas are coming not from Hollywood screenwriters, but the fans themselves. Last year we were blessed with the one-two punch of Friday the 13th: The Game and the outstanding fan film Never Hike Alone. But the brutal, grindhouse-style gore of "Voorhees" has the potential to raise the bar for fan-made films. Besides being the first feature-length Jason film, it is one of the most well funded, at around $18,000.

The film revolves around a gang of thieves who, after committing a heist, kidnap a couple of young girls and retreat to their hideout in... you guessed it... the long-abandoned Camp Crystal Lake. You can imagine the fun that will ensue.

The magic formula struck on here by writers Cody Faulk and Chris Plaushin is something Hollywood seems to have missed: you don't need to do repeat the same pattern of Jason killing horny teens, or break so far away from the pattern that he's in FUCKING SPACE. You can insert him into legitimately interesting plots and complex character dynamics common in other genres, like crime drama.

So if Friday the 13th Part 4 feels something like "Jason vs. the Breakfast Club", Voorhees is more like "Jason vs. Reservoir Dogs." You have a real plot with believable, dynamic characters that function independently of horror tropes. Then you insert Jason, a force of nature that fucks everything up, forcing them all to improvise, testing their relationships, their character, and their ability to survive a situation they can't fully comprehend.

Why this hasn't been done before mystifies me. But I'm glad Cody Faulk is doing it now. If Voorhees ends up being as good as I think it will be, this film will likely put the 2009 remake to shame in all but the most technical respects. It may even top most of the Paramount films. And it could lead to a revolution in fan films inserting Jason into meatier plots: Jason vs. doomsday survivalists? Jason vs. satanic cult? If you can make it in the woods, you can insert Jason (and why wouldn't you?). The possibilities are endless.

It's worth a moment to comment here on the endurance this character has had over the last thirty-eight years. He's literally a man who just cuts people to ribbons and never says a word. And yet he's beloved around the world as a sort of vigilante, a manifestation of the dark side in all of us that would love to just take a machete to all the injustice in life. That Jason has the freedom to do that makes him the perfect foil for all kinds of villains in a lot of different situations way beyond camp counselors and vacationers.

I've said for years that Hollywood ruined Friday the 13th. Someone has long needed the courage to take Jason Voorhees back to his indie roots and make a real film that freshens up the genre and tells his story a new way, while remaining respectful to his mythology. Never Hike Alone certainly nailed that. But Voorhees just feels so much bigger. If the finished film kicks half as much ass as this trailer, its going to be talked about for years to come.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

ToTS H40 Repaint

Took me long enough to finish it, but here is my Halloween 2018 repaint. I spent a few weeks studying behind the scenes photos of the movie masks before I even touched my copy. Looks to me like they painted them starting with a basecoat of black, then sponged on a light gray, followed by darker gray weathering, raw sienna "age spots" and finally burnt sienna dirt, mostly around the eyes, temples and base of the neck. I'm pretty proud of this and now that I have it down I may do others!

Here's a closeup:

Here's the "hero" movie mask:

And here's what it originally looked like, next to my DIY H1.
***Interested in a ToTS rehaul? Comment below with your email or hit me up on Facebook or***

Friday, November 23, 2018

Pam 3D Second Run Underway

UPDATE 11/28/18: The second run is SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone who supported this project. I'm looking forward to getting all the new owners their copies by (hopefully) the end of January.

The second and final run of Mrs. Voorhees heads is live. After having gone through my waitlist, I tentatively have two spots left. Leave your email in the comments (preferably with your name) and I'll get back to you.

These are resin copies of a high-resolution SLS 3D print of the original prop head used in Friday the 13th Part 2. Only 22 copies will ever exist: my prototype, one flawed copy currently with Greg Nicotero, and 20 numbered copies. That's it. This is a historic piece of film history and this opportunity will not come around again.
For those who need a little backstory on this piece, click here to learn how I came to possess the original movie head.

Click here for the original sale post.
The blanks are in.

Monday, November 5, 2018

The Bible of Friday the 13th Props is Coming November 20th

Mario Kirner was recently at Weekend of Hell in Dortumund, Germany to promote the impending release of his coffee table book Friday the 13th Props Museum: The Book. I have a copy on order and I absolutely cannot wait to receive it. Mario owns the largest assembly of screen-used Friday the 13th props in the world and has never before released high-definition photos of his pieces, so this is going to be an incredible coup for fans.

He brought along the original hero mask from part 8 too... and here's one of the best photos ever taken of it, along with the original gloves. Mario bought these straight from Kane Hodder some years back, who was gifted the pieces after production wrapped.

Friday, October 26, 2018

H1 Hero Repaint

Repainted my previous Myers piece (DIY blank, hair by Martin Pena, paint by me)-- made the underlying skin tone darker, the eye cuts larger and evened out the cut of the neck a bit. Also increased the amount of skin tone exposure a bit, per photos of the hero. After a lot of trial and error, I think I know the H1 mask really well at this point, and I'm ready to take paint commissions for anyone interested. Anything you'd like to see different? Let me know!
Really proud of how the eyes have come out. Myers eyes are tough to get right because they look wildly different in every reference photo and you have to take into account stretching and sagging of the latex that will impact how they appear from shot to shot.
With its parent mask: The Medley Kirk. Screen shot from the gallery at