Friday, March 24, 2017

Super Rare F13 Photo Dump

Amy Steel being adorable
Part 3: Dana Kimmel being beautiful and shit
Part 2: Amy Steel, John Furey, Stu Charno

Part 3: The best kill in the film
Part 3: Alternate makeup used during flashback scene

Part 6: CJ getting made up by Brian Wade
Part 6: CJ with crew member
Remake: Derek Mears with director Marcus Nispel

Remake: Derek Mears with stunt mask

Part 4: Tom Savini instructs Kimberly Beck

Part 8: cast party, Kane in back

Part 7: Kane final scene setup

Part 7: Kane with John Otrin

JGTH: "The True Jason Voorhees"-- alt. demon concept

JGTH: Adam Marcus looks at prop Jason

JGTH: Kane selfie with FX artist Robert Kurzman
Remake: Derek Mears with FX team

Remake: Derek Mears

Part 5: Jason actor Tom Morga with stunt coordinator and former Michael Myers actor Dick Warlock

Part 3

Part 2: Amy Steel with Director Steve Miner and Mrs. Voorhees

Part 7: looks like a dock burn idea that was discarded

JGTH: Director Adam Marcus with actress


Part 8

Part 7: setting up final scene

Part 8: Kane gets his sleeve fussed over by FX guy


Part 4: Tom Savini sets up stunt machete with a crew member

JGTH: Greg Nicotero and another guy as the dirt demons

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  1. These are great, always happy to see people smiling and having fun behind the scenes.