Friday, March 24, 2017

Super Rare F13 Photo Dump

Amy Steel being adorable
Part 3: Dana Kimmel being beautiful and shit
Part 2: Amy Steel, John Furey, Stu Charno

Part 3: The best kill in the film
Part 3: Alternate makeup used during flashback scene

Part 6: CJ getting made up by Brian Wade
Part 6: CJ with crew member
Remake: Derek Mears with director Marcus Nispel

Remake: Derek Mears with stunt mask

Part 4: Tom Savini instructs Kimberly Beck

Part 8: cast party, Kane in back

Part 7: Kane final scene setup

Part 7: Kane with John Otrin

JGTH: "The True Jason Voorhees"-- alt. demon concept

JGTH: Adam Marcus looks at prop Jason

JGTH: Kane selfie with FX artist Robert Kurzman
Remake: Derek Mears with FX team

Remake: Derek Mears

Part 5: Jason actor Tom Morga with stunt coordinator and former Michael Myers actor Dick Warlock

Part 3

Part 2: Amy Steel with Director Steve Miner and Mrs. Voorhees

Part 7: looks like a dock burn idea that was discarded

JGTH: Director Adam Marcus with actress


Part 8

Part 7: setting up final scene

Part 8: Kane gets his sleeve fussed over by FX guy


Part 4: Tom Savini sets up stunt machete with a crew member

JGTH: Greg Nicotero and another guy as the dirt demons


  1. These are great, always happy to see people smiling and having fun behind the scenes.

  2. The alternate Jason makeup for the flashback scene from Friday the 13th part 3 is definitely a revelation! Never seen that before!