Friday, March 31, 2017

Bloody Ending II Project Update!

I am pleased to report that Ryan's "Bloody Ending" bust was 3D scanned earlier today. I should have a file in about three weeks, and a print probably some time in May. From there it will be time to mold and produce copies, so I'm anticipating that will happen in June or so. Once we have a 3D print that we're satisfied with (in terms of both size and detail capture) we will begin taking orders.

The plan is to increase the size of the head about 11% to get to the original size. I estimated this using several measurements of my His Unlucky Day for reference, as well as from an original screen-used part 4 piece (accounting for 33 years of latex shrink in the latter). I'm very confident we will have by far the most authentic part 4 collector's item in existence once we're through this process.

If you've contacted Ryan or myself with interest, your name is on our wait list. If not, comment below with your name and I'll add you. If you're a potential buyer, let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Scale estimation:


  1. Add me. thanks!

  2. Id like to be on the wait list. Definitely wanting one of these

  3. Hi from Japan! I'm on the list too. Thanks.