Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Old Collection...

This is just a photo from last fall of the beginnings of my collection, the top two part 3's have since been sold, the white one is a custom WIP, and the Dream Mask at lower right I still have but will be selling pretty soon.

Except for the white one, these masks are all basecoated with Krylon Buttercream, which I no longer use, although coupled with some washes/weathering it can look a nice golden tan, which is what the original part 3/4 masks were colored.

I will have another in-prog photo of the ULTIMATE III along some day soon.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Coming soon, the ULTIMATE III


This is the beginning of my mission to create a perfect 1:1 replica of the hero mask in part 3. I spent 3+ hours on each eye, comparing with about 70 screen caps and 5 or 6 behind-the-scenes photos (which are vastly more useful)as well as previous masks that I've done and for the first time I am totally satisfied with how the eyes came out. The snaps will be applied soon, followed by the basecoat and the engraving. All the little tricks and minute details I've learned from my previous 3 part 3 masks are going to make all the difference with this one. Fun stuff!!!

Updated Roy

I used some acrylic paint and resprayed the Chevrons so they are a color approximating the one on the screen-used mask. I used a photo of the mask from Crystal Lake Memories as a reference because screen caps are notoriously unreliable.

I have begun work on my ULTIMATE 3 mask, and it is turning out BEAUTIFULLY... for sure this is going to be the most perfectly accurate part 3 mask ever done. The eyes came out perfectly thanks to some great photos I have of the original prop. I just hope the rest of the process goes well... I will have a sneak peak of the fully trimmed blank up shortly.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Roy


Just finished and still needs the hardware, but very happy with how my first Roy came out... I may darken the blue marks slightly with a little airbrushing, but other than that and the hardware, this is a finished product.

My next project, other than work for customers will be my ULTIMATE III... my 1:1 near-perfect copy of the original hero mask from part 3. I think I finally have enough information and practice with all the masks that I've done to begin my masterwork, and I've even found screen-accurate straps on ebay (of course). The principle difference between my previous 3 (seen below) and the upcoming one will be in the paint cracking technique. Instead of drawing it on in pencil, its going to be etched into the basecoat, then washed and clearcoated over, so it SHOULD look much more authentic than previous masks. Since I'm going for microscopic accuracy, this mask may take about a month to do.

I am also nearly finished with the process of improving my latex sculpt "That Horrible Face" to give him a nose and mouth area that are much more faithful to the Doug White makeup job (now that I finally have good profile pics!) The improvement is already coming along great, just need to make a few final adjustments and I will have pictures up soon. Thanks for stopping by and thanks to Jasonsfury of Fridaythe13thfilms for the publicity!!