Wednesday, November 25, 2009

"I'll Never Forget That Horrible Face!"

2017 edit: love these blank photos more than the finished product

This latex piece went into production in October. I call him 'That Horrible Face' after a quote from Chris Higgins oft-ridiculed monologue from part 3. I wanted to make Jason look really menacing like he did up in the window at the end. I'm working on a bloody version right now and have this available as a hood as well.

Personally, I prefer Doug White's makeup job (on which this is based) than the much more detailed part 4, which I think just went over the top on making Jason as ugly as possible and giving him mysterious burns on the entire left side of his head. Great design nonetheless, but I prefer the part 3 as a more authentically mongoloid look. White's Jason, based on a combination of Savini's original design and the part 2 makeup, appears to be a sufferer of Neurofibromatosis, Alopecia and a variety of other birth defects. He's not a zombie yet, just really friggin hard to kill.

Since I have alot of space here I'll say this: I think the Stan Winston makeup looks like a vamipire from Buffy or Blade or some other contemporary vampire movie. Its a great design, but I'm glad the producers went with a more authentically "Jasonesque" design.

On a side note, whenever I look at this thing I still have to make the Jason grunt noise he does a few times in part 3. I must have made monster noises a few hundred times while I was sculpting this thing, it kinda brings it to life for me.

Scabboy on Nightowl mentioned he thought this was one of the top 4 part 3 busts ever produced, which is a very high honor, I think the other best ones in terms of screen accuracy are the MMFX, ITZ-U, and the recent Lewis Frye bust. All phenomenal pieces.

Thanks for looking! And leave a comment or I will be butthurt. I'm a compliment whore.

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  1. I love it! Looks very much like Jason from the film. Great job!