Friday, November 30, 2018

Some Rare Collection Shots

Some of these pieces are works in progress, but here's my collection as it stands now. The only thing not pictured is my T-800 arm. As you can see, I focus on Jason stuff, and I try to get the best representation of each design, movie mold if possible. So much done, but so much left to acquire.

The items are as follows:

Bloody Ending II blank (2017)
Pam 3D Prototype (2017)
SSN New Blood (2009)
FFS Part 7 (2017)
DIY Kirk-H1 Conversion (2017)
Bronzed Production-Made Promo Mask, Friday the 13th Part 7 (1988)
Hideous Looking Man (2010)
Hangman II (2010)
His Unlucky Day (2010)
ToTS H40 Rehaul (2018)
HSS Coffin Dummy (2011)
Aladdin Sane: Part 6 Jason (2011)
Screen-Used Camp Crystal Lake Sign, Friday the 13th Part 2 (1980)
Jason X Movie Mold Face (2002)
SSN New Blood Master Copy Raw Casting (2018, very limited)
Hockey Masks (All paint by me): Remake on a JDF, VS on a NECA, Part 8 on a BDS, Part 6 on a FGM, FGM Plante. On the HLM is a refurbed Crash part 3, which is going to get screen-accurate varnish shortly.
In the back is a souvenir photo from my tour of Camp NoBeBoSco in a frame made from the old window frames of Van Deusen lodge, where much of the original film takes place (including Mrs. Voorhees' famous monologue).

Everything except the HLM, the HUD, the Aladdin Sane, the Hangman and the Crash part 3 mask are movie mold or from production.

Everything was (or will be) painted by me except the New Blood, the Coffin Dummy and the HUD.

BOOM. Thanks for looking.


  1. How were you able to get a Crash pt. 3, blank? He said he doesn't sell those blank anymore.

    1. I bought a finished one and sanded it down. Don't think he ever sold blanks to my knowledge.