Saturday, March 5, 2011

Part IV Shower Scene

Did this one for me, but might sell it instead. One of my best so far.


  1. Always thought that insert shot of Jason while he was crushing the kid from Matthew Starr's skull in the shower was creepy as hell...

  2. If you decide to sell it let me know. I'm looking to score a shower scene and finale version from part 4

  3. @Robblog-- I agree, that sudden closeup of the face is abrupt and unexpected because you don't see any of his face or mask for the entire film up to that point. Thank god for that shot too because its the only good one of the damage on that hock!

    @J Miggidy, this one is already sold, but if you want one done I can always start another one whenever. I'm still on the forums or at farrellj_m_1122(at)netzero(dot)net.

    Thanks for commenting!