Sunday, February 27, 2011

Something a little different... a Top Five List!

Just off the cuff here, I've rated what I think are the best fan-made Jason busts in existence.

1. His Unlucky Day (part 4), by James Mangrum. This gets the number one slot for a multitude of reasons... James's incredible fidelity to the original design, his improvements on that design (adding lifelike skin lines, pores and even gingivitis not present in the film appliances), his painting with translucent inks and the fact that its resin make this the greatest Jason piece anyone can own. If you were lucky enough to get in on the first run and get it painted by James himself, you indeed had a Lucky Day.

2. Hideous Looking Man (part 3 Winston version) by Crash Cunningham. One of the greatest artists in the Jason-fan universe, Crash created a stunning duplication of the Stan Winston mask originally made for Richard Brooker in part 3. As with James, Crash even improved on the detailing in the original design, and added acrylic teeth. Truly an ultimate collector's piece.

3. Silver Shampain Novelties 'New Blood' (part 7). Made from the screen-used appliances worn by Kane Hodder, so you can't get any more accurate than this guy. There is something so satisfying about owning something cast directly from a movie piece. These things unfortunately come with a medicore paint job that doesn't exactly match the movie makeup and the mouth is strangely filled in, but nonetheless a must-own for New Blood fans.
4. Horror at Higgins Haven (part 3 Doug White version) by Dead End Hollow. Josh at DEH does some of the best Jason bustwork out there, everything from Crazy Ralph to Pam (living and decapitated) and has sculpted what is probably the overall best part 3 DW Jason piece. This thing is light years beyond Itz-U in its faithfulness to the movie makeup, with my only small gripe being a too-small right eye. Josh's unique style comes through in all of his pieces, its tough to describe... a certain expressiveness, I guess, in the eyes and facial features make his pieces seem particularly lifelike.
5. 'Kill for Mother' (remake) by Jeremy Bohr. Jeremy has done a ton of Jason work but I think this is his crowning achievement. Though Jeremy is by his own account not one to go for perfection in reproducing a Jason design, he really pulled off something amazing with this piece, with its grotesque acrylic teeth, maniacal expression and faithfulness to the movie design. Outstanding work... also like his Roy and his JGTH.

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