Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My personal Ultimate III

I was bored and made some tiny adjustments recently in my Ultimate III to make it more accurate, mostly grinding away at the inside corners of the eye holes, so I figured I'd post this up for all the world to see. You will of course notice there are tiny differences, like lens distortion making the middle appear wider and some color dissimilarity, but these are my camera's fault. In person its almost indistinguishable from my reference photos. I also do the chevron split on all of the masks, although it doesn't show up well in pics. Every time I do a mask I learn something new about it, and the part 3 with all its complexities has been very, very instructive.


  1. Good to know jason is a good italian boy too!

  2. It looks like it came off the set of Friday 3D! Excellent job