Sunday, July 4, 2010

Coming Soon... Ultimate V Dream Scene

 Hi blogwatchers,

Fairly soon I'll be starting this one, an attempt to paint a near-perfect recreation of the mask used in parts 3, 4, and 5, as it appears in Tommy's hallucination in part 5. This will be the sequel to my Ultimate III and many of the same techniques as well as the same base coat will be used for this one, as well as a little inside info on how the movie masks were done...

Because of the lack of high-quality photos of the original mask, I'll be using a combination of photos and screen caps to try to recreate every scratch as exactly as possible. No easy task, mostly because Tom Savini and his FX crew beat the hell out of it during pre-production on part 4, leaving almost no square millimeter of the mask undamaged. The mask will be weathered in the same sequence as the original, so the Savini damage will be ON the clear coat rather than underneath it... its all about the little things. :)

When the prototype is finished I will be offering these, you can PM me on Nightowl, Frightstuff or if interested, or email me.

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