Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My First Myers Commission: NAG Rare

This was a really cool Kirk blank to work on: The "Rare" (one of the many derivatives of the Kirkus '75 Kirk) by Nikolas Art Gallery in Greece. Just finished him today, so he's off to be haired by another artist.

I'm taking Myers commissions and currently have a super quick turn-around time: I only had this one for 11 days. I don't hair yet but I can find someone who does if you don't have a hair guy. Thanks for looking!

This came to me as a blank with the eyes already (badly) cut out. The owner had made an attempt at repairs with latex, which I then built on and dremeled into shape. Even up close you can't tell where the fixes were done. I'm glad I know this is possible now, because I can offer eye cut fixes as part of a paint up/conversion.

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