Friday, June 23, 2017

Rare video of part 8 facial appliances

Check this out. Really rare video of deceased Canadian FX artist Tibor Farkas talking about his FX work in Vancouver circa 1990. At 3:10 he picks up an old latex Jason face... and proceeds to tear it nearly in half right on camera! At 5:04 they flash what appears to be a Jason paint master from the film.

In a second video filmed some years later, you can see Jason's face on his wall at 0:30.

In case anyone is wondering... I have inquired about the Jason pieces. His son told me that after Farkas died in 1999, his family tragically lost the whole shop and everything in it. Another Jason piece lost to the ages.

Courtesy of Tibor Farkas Jr., here are some other behind the scenes photos from part 8 his father kept... including a partially painted hockey mask and head:

A lot of people criticize the facial design for part 8 (created by Farkas and William Terezakis under the supervision of makeup director Jamie Brown and director Rob Hedden), but even though the face looks like a jack-o-lantern that's been left on the porch until March, the rest of the head was pretty legit.

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