Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Bloody Ending II Update

UPDATE: We are accepting pre-orders as of May 4, 2017. Please paypal $100 to Thedeathcurse@hotmail.com to hold your place. Thanks.

For interested parties-- I have the .stl file in hand and will be shopping out to 3D printers this week. The scan picked up the detail of Ryan's original bust down to 1/10th of a millimeter, about the width of a human hair, so virtually every visible bump and blemish on the original is accurately preserved. Here's a sneak peek.


  1. Are u making pulls off of it ? If so how much ?

  2. Hi Robert yes $250 + shipping resin pulls

  3. Wow, that's Great news Jason. I have $100 down already, with Ryan... cant wait to see this badboy finished!! :)


  4. Hi from Japan. Is finished bust are closed left eye?


    1. AKIRA, we have your payment but we need your mailing address (in English) and an email is preferred as well, we currently have no way of contacting you. Thanks!

  5. Hi Akira. Yes, the finished bust will have the eye closed. The closed eye is part of the original sculpt movie sculpt and we want to preserve every original aspect of this.