Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Best Part III Busts

Scabboy had probably the most comprehensive list of part 3 busts produced by the fan community on his now defunct blog, so I thought I might do one of my own since I'm still split as to what exactly is the best Doug White bust made by fans. I have it down to D-Bach's Hangman II (produced in a short run in early 2010) and Dead End Hollow's Horror at Higgins Haven (2010). As an interesting aside, it seems to me that the period from February 2009 to mid-2010 was the golden age of Jason mask replicas since the most accurate pieces were produced in that period. Crash's HLM (2010), the two aforementioned part 3 pieces, HUD (2010), Justin Mabry's Vengeance (2009?) and Re-Vengeance (2010), the movie-mold pieces by HSS and SSN (2009-2010) were all produced in that golden period of super-accurate F13 props. Almost no one is sculpting outstanding original Jason busts now; all of the artists, including myself, have moved on. So what were the best part 3 busts? In order of greatness:

1. DEH HHH (2010)
This sculpt nails it overall probably better than the rest. The neck, cranium and face are all a solid representation of the DW makeup.

2. DBach Hangman II (2010)

I think this is the only part 3 bust to get the nose perfect and the menacing, animalistic stare amazingly captures the end scene of the film. This bust was evidently inspired by the earlier Itz-U, since it has the same flaw-- a too-flat rear cranium. I own one of these, and it will probably be my final part 3 keeper.

3. MMFX Resin 3D (2009)

A great piece overall, exquisitely detailed and accurate.

4. Itz-U (2005)
A fan favorite, probably because it was the first accurate part 3 fan bust on the market.

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