Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rooster Tail mystery solved

Last year I posted that a restaurant owner in Warren, CT was claiming that the final battle scene in Friday the 13th part 2 was actually filmed in the basement of his barn, directly behind the Rooster Tail Inn. After talking with cast members John Furey and Amy Steel at Monster Mania yesterday, as well as other sources close to the filming, the truth has been revealed. The Rooster Tail barn was used as a prop shop during shooting, but no filming was done there. The final battle was filmed, according to Amy and John, at the Jason shack built on the west side of North Spectacle Pond by the crew as it appears on film.

On a related note I had a blast at Monster Mania and had a great time talking to John Furey, Bill Randolph and the ever-lovely Lauren Marie Taylor, as well as V.C. Dupree and Richard Brooker. The cast members seem at least as excited about doing conventions and meeting fans as the fans are and everyone was wonderful to meet. Because I was only there Saturday and spent most of the day at Q&A's I didn't get to meet Sean Cunningham or Kane Hodder, but hopefully future conventions will remedy that. My interest in all things Jason has been waning lately as other parts of my life have taken center stage, but a great convention reaffirms your love for the franchise and its characters, as always.

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