Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ultimate Warlock mask, after improvements

This photo is designed to be a comparison photo for the well known photo of the real part IV movie mask taken by Dick Warlock. You can see it in the background...

I am still accepting commissions for this piece, also offering it "part 4 end scene" style (basically the same mask with part 4 blood). If you want to own a near-perfect reproduction of the only mask used in 3 films, complete with custom-matched basecoat, the crack through the forehead and every known scratch or scuff on the original, this is the one to get. Thanks for looking!

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  1. Hey man, i tried looking for a way to contact you but couldn't find a way to email you. I hope you get this post. I'm interested in your commissions on several masks. Could you please contact me at jc3count24@yahoo.com to discuss this further ...