Monday, March 8, 2010

Next projects...

Hi, so I am going to be busy for the next month or so working on masks for people but I am starting to brainstorm for my next major projects, which I may start by the end of this month. I am going to be attempting a 1:1 "Ultimate Warlock", a.k.a. the Dick Warlock mask or the "Dream" mask, the only mask used in 3 Friday films and now owned by stuntman Dick Warlock. This should be a fairly straightforward endeavor, I've already done one that was pretty close, the most major problem was the basecoat, which will be a custom job on the Ultimate version as it was on Ultimate 3. I have never seen any real good closeup photos of this mask (besides the one at Fridaythe13thprops), so it will be done with a combination of screen caps and other photos.

Note: I will only be doing "Ultimate" versions of the part 3 and 4 masks because they are the only ones in the series that have very complex natural weathering and detailing is very difficult. The Roy, part 6, 7, etc. don't require "Ultimate" status, IMO because they were weathered using rather simple techniques that mask painters like myself commonly use today, making them rather easy to duplicate.

Also I will be working on a new sculpt soon, which I expect will take me about one year to finish... I haven't made a final decision on what I'm going to do but I have it narrowed down to two possibilities: a 1:1 replica of the Doug White part 3 makeup job cast in resin, or a 1:1 '75 Kirk. Both would be a serious challenge, I have heard that the Kirk is far more difficult because getting the features perfect requires incredibly subtle changes and a light touch; as long as you give him a droopy eye and a pig-face, you can pull of a part 3 Jason pretty well, his features are so bold. I'm still new to sculpting, so thats why I'm taking a year or so to do this one. Right now I'm leaning toward the Kirk, if anyone has any input as to which they'd rather see I hope you will contact me, either leave a comment here or email me or contact me on the forums. Thanks to everyone who complimented the Ultimate III, I think it was my most successful project thus far.

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