Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ultimate III Sneak Preview

Over the past two weeks I have been painstakingly matching the original part 3 mask basecoat using acrylic mixtures. Its more of a challenge than you might think, because screen caps disagree widely on what color the mask was (showing it as tan, yellow, white, ivory, etc.) and even different editions of part 3 can show drastically different colors in the same scene, making screen caps basically unreliable for color matching. There are only a small handful of actual photos of the mask that have been made public, so I have mostly used those, but even they show slightly different coloring, possibly depending on the kind of film that was used, the exposure, aging of films and photos since 1982, etc. After months of study I have concluded the color was a golden tan, and have since applied the mixture to my mask. The end result is above, and I believe it to be very faithful to the original. In person, the color has incredible versatility and can appear various shades of tan and yellow in different lighting, very similar to the original.

I will begin detailing soon and will have more sneak previews of that too.

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  1. Amazing job, man!!! SO excited to see what the finished product will look like!